What can Tier 1 Do for Your Health Plan?

Take a second look at what we do.

Tier 1 Pharmacy Consulting prides itself on adding value to their clients’ businesses not only through the services it offers, but also by engaging in frequent knowledge-sharing via its online blog. Regulations, standards, and methods of operation in the overlapping worlds of health care, health plans, and pharmaceuticals can shift in the blink of an eye. If health plans don’t stay abreast of the latest laws, the penalties can be severe. Tier 1 takes their responsibility of educating and guiding its clients through complex guidelines seriously—and if you’re new to us, clicking through our blog archives will demonstrate how the depth and breadth of Tier 1’s knowledge base can have a meaningful impact on your health plan—and your bottom line.

This week, we’re shining the spotlight directly on Tier 1 and the many ways this company can help health plans do their best work for their own clients while remaining in compliance. Read on to find out why our thought leadership is just one reason to partner with us.

Founded with the Client in Mind: Tier 1’s Story

Tier 1 was founded in order to meet one core goal: Help health plans across the country to develop effective strategies and improve health plan outcomes. Each and every staff member from Tier 1 assigned to a client is an expert at making great plans even better, and improving plans that haven’t yet met their own goals due to lack of time or resources.

“I created Tier 1 because I know firsthand how complex the pharmacy and health care industries can be,” comments founder and CEO Brent Hiley. “I’ve spent my entire professional life as a pharmacist, and subsequently a pharmacist benefit manager—these experiences gave me the insights and expertise needed to help health plan administrators navigate through a complicated and heavily regulated world.”

Tier 1’s mission and methods are directly inspired by Mr. Hiley’s first-person experience. The company recognizes the importance of health plans in the larger world of health care—when operating effectively and efficiently, they can help cut costs through patient adherence, drug utilization, and regulatory compliance. The most effective health plans are able to seamlessly integrate specific requirements—and Tier 1 helps their clients accomplish this through multiple avenues of service, ranging from the simple to the complex.

Collaboration, Insight, Expertise: How Tier 1 Can Help Your Health Plan at Every Stage

Tier 1 offers a full suite of services to its health plan clients. These services include interim management support, application support, audit support, clinical strategy, compliance, delegation oversight, operations, risk assessment, policy writing and material review, and RFP initiatives. Much of what Tier 1 does is geared towards taking the substantial workload off client’s shoulders so they can focus more on the needs of their patients. Other services focus specifically on a simple and universal goal: saving clients money. By hiring an external consultant to conduct audits, as just one example, health plan administrators can save themselves thousands of dollars—and a similar number of headaches—down the line.

“Simply put, Tier 1 employees are experts in streamlining your health plans so that you can make the most of your bottom line without sacrificing customer care,” comments Mr. Hiley. “We are driven by our client’s satisfaction—and have happily helped thousands of health plans meet their needs effectively.”

About Tier 1 

Tier 1 Pharmacy Consulting is a Denver, Colorado-based pharmacy benefit consulting firm offering customized services to healthcare plans that offer prescription drug benefits. Whether your health plan is big or small, Tier 1 offers strategic, cost-saving solutions that boost the plan’s overall value and help its members by providing high quality care.

Tier 1’s founder is a clinical pharmacist with more than a decade of experience in pharmacy benefit management. We are passionate about collaborating and developing effective strategies to improve health plan outcomes.

Tier 1 offers health plans a new perspective on how to manage their pharmacy benefit. Our team is made up of experts who strive to make effective plans even stronger and fill in any gaps due to a lack of time or resources.

Drop us a note at info@tieronepc.com. Let’s get connected.